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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Co-op Clinic Virtual Summit | Cumbre virtual de la clínica cooperativa

Date / Fecha May 11th, 1:00PM ET - 4:30PM ET / 11 de mayo, 1:00PM ET - 4:30PM ET
Cost / Costo Sliding Scale Donation | Donación de escala móvil
Language / Lengua English and Spanish / inglés y español

[información en español a continuación]

Join Us!
If you’re new to cooperativism, recently joined your cooperative, or looking to deepen your skills in finance, conflict mediation, or providing worker benefits to your cooperative, this summit is for you!

Choose a 2-hour workshop track you want to attend:

  • Flow Like Water: Worker Co-op Finance 101
  • Here for it: Building Capacity for Conflict
  • So you want to offer worker benefits: where do you begin?

Is there a cost to attend this event?
We want this to be accessible to all, and we also hope to make this a sustainable event. The suggested donation is $35-50 for a single individual with the option to go higher to provide a solidarity donation. Your donation will go towards covering interpretation, facilitation, and coordination costs. No one will be turned away. We invite you to give what you can and enjoy this event to the fullest!

Want more info?

For more information go to (in English) or (en español).

Register at USFWC

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