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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Co-op and Nationwide members pushing for early-stage funding for new co-ops

We are building a global network of ordinary cooperative members worldwide that organise within cooperatives to increase cooperation between cooperatives. We have started doing this by launching a campaign to pass resolutions at these two old giants to divert a tiny portion of their surplus towards funding grants for small, new co-operatives.

The idea is not without a precedence. In the US, a number of well-established cooperatives came together and helped fund an accelerator program called “Start Co-op” which gave a no-strings attached grant of $10,000 alongside mentoring to it’s first cohort of 8 early stage cooperatives with an unique and innovative business model. 

The program was a success, with one of the ventures becoming the first cooperative in US history to receive venture capital investment. Another one became the first worker cooperative to have acquired a conventional business and converted it into a worker owned cooperative. 

No accelerator program that gives out grants for new cooperatives exists in the UK. Our campaigns seek to change that.

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