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The Cartoonist Cooperative Wants to Disrupt Predatory Publishing Practices

In case you didn’t realize, we really love comics here at WWAC. But often the sequential art that we love is born out of an industry that is flawed at best and exploitative at worst. It’s why we’re always excited to see creators coming together to forge brave new ways to share their work. The newly launched Cartoonist Cooperative aims to do just that. Founded by Reimena Yee, Sloane Leong, Nero Villagallos-O’reilly, Joan Zahra Dark (Ed.’s note: a WWAC contributor), Zach Hazard Vaupen, and Aaron Losty the group recently shared their mission in an exciting press release.

“The CARTOONIST COOPERATIVE aims to disrupt mainstream publishing practices and trends by empowering each other through shared promotional efforts, industry information, pooled resources and skill sharing. From early development to final work, the CARTOONIST COOPERATIVE will be active in supporting its members throughout the creative process through an exclusive Discord server, forum, and educational writing on craft and career hosted on our website.”

It’s the kind of organization that comics desperately needs and it just so happens to have many of our favorite creators involved, so we reached out to Sloane Leong to chat. In a very generous conversation shared over email Leong,  Dark, Vaupen, and Losty answered our questions about the group’s founding, their aims, and what they hope to change, which we’re sharing here in full.

Read the rest at Women Write About Comics


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