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Carolina Common Enterprise Hiring Operations Manager

Carolina Common Enterprise is North Carolina’s cooperative development center, working toward an economy in which all people participate and prosper. We are a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation offering professional services in business development, economic organizing, and legal matters.

We’re seeking an experienced Operations Manager to manage our growing operations. The Operations Manager will help develop and implement CCE’s organizational and internal strategies, through operations management, program planning, and delivery, and staff management.  As Carolina Common Enterprise is growing, the Operations Manager will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as well.

Our organizational purpose is to work “for an economy in which all people participate and prosper.” We want to offset the deep financial inequality that our state currently suffers. North Carolina can be a place where all people are able to participate productively and live comfortably, free from want. Poverty is a market failure that can be eliminated with the resources already available in North Carolina. To that end, we organized Carolina Common Enterprise to promote the cooperative business model in the Carolinas. Our theory of change holds that cooperative enterprise creates the economic conditions we seek.

We take a “helping people help themselves” approach to cooperative development. Our support is aimed at giving communities and families greater control over their own economic and social circumstances through jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprises. The result is communities creating and running their own programs, not having a nonprofit run it for them.

CCE operates through several program areas:

  • Direct technical assistance for cooperatives, including business planning support, organizing and governance training, meeting facilitation, and financial training, and connection to sources of financing.
  • Training and education on cooperative concepts and models, community building, and business skills, plus outreach to local leaders in government, business, and education.
  • Cooperative formation legal services, operating as a public interest law firm.
  • ROCarolinas converts manufactured home communities into resident owned cooperatives (ROCs) in affiliation with ROC USA.

Carolina Common Enterprise is expanding our team and our reach in North Carolina and the South. As we look towards our second decade, we aim to move beyond incremental change to be part of a self-sustaining, transformative cooperative economy. As an organization, CCE seeks ongoing improvement at “being the change” by providing our staff with a satisfying livelihood, career development and training, and a voice in our management.

Read the rest and apply at Carolina Common Enterprise


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