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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Can Solidarity Economy Save Us From Capitalism?

David Cobb considers himself a prepper, though not in the mainstream sense. A prepper is someone preparing to survive disaster, but Cobb isn’t the Purge-style, guns-and-ammo-hoarding variety. He works with Cooperation Humboldt, a solidarity economy group in and around Eureka, California. “I’m preparing my community for the climate crisis, for the shift that’s coming, as opposed to the other preppers who are hoarding guns and hoarding food,” Cobb tells Mic. “I’m preparing my community to shift collectively together.”

That shift feels particularly crucial more than a year into a deadly pandemic that forced extraordinary numbers of people into debt, homelessness, sickness, and early graves — all while the government failed to provide meaningful support and big business churned along uninterrupted. Groups like Cooperation Humboldt, meanwhile, were able to serve and sustain their communities where the government and capitalist economy failed.

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