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Building a Community-Controlled Real Estate Entity

Register for our webinar with Adriana Abizadeh of the Kensington Corridor Trust as she discusses some of the successes and challenges of scaling a community-controlled real estate entity.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

1:00pm EASTERN

In a neighborhood known more for being the regional epicenter of the opioid crisis in Philly, the Kensington Corridor Trust formed less than five years ago, and is already up and running with multiple properties in its portfolio, commercial tenants in place and thriving, and its first new construction projects in the works. That’s a lot for a real estate entity designed to ultimately give power to the existing residents of the neighborhood over the development of its main commercial corridor. What have been some of the keys to success so far? How has the trust raised capital for acquisition and what is its ultimate vision to become a self-sustaining, community-controlled real estate entity?

In this conversation, executive director Adriana Abizadeh will give participants a brief history of the Kensington Corridor Trust, an update on its current status, and talk through both its capital raising strategy so far and the model it has worked out to eventually be a self-sustaining entity. The format will be roughly 30 minutes presentation followed by 30 minutes Q&A, moderated by senior economic justice correspondent Oscar Perry Abello.

Read the rest and register at Next City

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