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The Bosses Are Gone! We are now the Canary Workers' Co-op

The Canary was founded in 2015 as a limited liability company (LLC), and its founders / directors ran it like a capitalist business – albeit not very well. However, in the summer of 2022, everything changed. A seismic chain of events led to revelations none of us could have anticipated.

We uncovered a gulf between directors’ and workers’ pay and terms that was much larger than any of us had suspected. In light of these revelations, and with a long-held desire to be more equitable, the current Canary team has worked tirelessly, and with the utmost integrity and accountability, to restructure, reorganise, and revive this project to make it the Canary we all know it should be.

What we have undergone is a workers’ revolution. We are now a co-operative with a structure that is run democratically by the people who actually work here. We pass decisions in open meetings, where everyone gets a say and everyone’s vote counts – and we make decisions transparently and collectively. For the first time since its inception, the Canary is truly walking the talk – we are embodying the sort of work environment and community spirit that we advocate through our journalism.

We wanted to use this as an opportunity not only to reorganise ourselves but also to refresh our content, branding, and editorial direction. This is as much a rebirth as it is a revolution.

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