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Arizona’s ‘Ecovillages’ take sustainability to personal level

The residents of Wind Spirit live on 16 acres surrounded by citrus and olive trees, stony hills and played-out mines. They’ve built their homes from materials ranging from a dirt-straw concrete mix called cob to canvas teepees to buses painted blue, purple and yellow. Outdoor sinks have signs requesting visitors use tree-friendly soap. All the bathrooms have compost toilets.

Wind Spirit, tucked between Winkelman and Superior, just south of Tonto National Forest, is an “ecovillage,” where residents live by a public set of ever-changing guidelines for respecting each other and the land.

“It seems so much with the environmental movement that people are concerned about the environment, but they don’t want it impacting their lives because they’re used to these certain conveniences,” said Don Clark, who founded Wind Spirit with two friends.

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