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Abrams announces departure from South Mountain Co.

“South Mountain is a new company. It’s not the company I birthed and built by the seat of my worn and faded Levis; it’s the company new leadership is guiding to uncharted terrain, using tools, methods, and information barely imaginable a decade or two ago,” Abrams wrote. “This I know: Due to the people in place and the nature of the work ahead, I leave with the company in its best condition ever. After 50 years, that’s as clear to me as a full moon in a cloudless sky.

I am deeply optimistic about the future of this company under new leadership. Not hopeful. Optimistic. They’re different. Optimism is based on sufficient evidence to convince us that things will get better and better, whereas hope is not the conviction that an endeavor will turn out well but the certainty that it makes sense, no matter the outcome. In this case, optimism is appropriate.”

The post goes on to say that the company employs 38 people. In 1987, it became a worker co-op, and now has 18 current owners that “will carry the torch forward” along with the leadership team.

Read the rest at Martha's Vineyard Times


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