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8 Do-It-Together architecture projects

Welcome to the world of “Do-It-Together” architecture. 

For millennia, people built their own homes, barns, workshops, and communal spaces. They used local, natural materials and time-tested building techniques, and most importantly, they engaged their family and neighbors in the process. 

Professional architecture brought advanced design and materials into the game. This gave the world design, planning, engineering, and construction experts, but it also distanced everyday folks from the process of making houses, neighborhoods, and cities together. 

Doing it together — by connecting self-built communities and professionals that otherwise would not meet — is a game changer that reverses the role of producers (professional) and consumers (laypeople), putting local needs and solutions at the center of the building process. 

And it’s more than just a neat idea. Do-It-Together architecture is already an active practice around the world. Here are eight examples of exactly how it works, and what it looks like. 

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