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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

2023 BSEF Grantees

In December  2023,  the Black Solidarity Economy Fund working group redistributed $280,000 to 48 Black-led solidarity economy projects!

BSEF funds not distributed this year will be used as seed funds for next years’ round of re-granting, and support the BSEF working group’s strategic planning retreat to create a long term strategy for the fund. In the future, we would love to be able to ensure every applicant is able to receive some funds, regardless of the strength of their application. However, that will require larger investments from those in philanthropy to ensure there are actually enough funds to be distributed to every organization that needs funding. This year’s granting process revealed there are an abundance of Black-led cooperatives and Black-led organizations who are working on building the solidarity economy.

BFEN Farm To School Work Group | Buffalo Food Equity Network
Food for the Spirit (hereafter F4tS) is a steward of the Buffalo Food Equity Network (hereafter BFEN). The BFEN is a network of people of color working to support a movement for Western New York’s (hereafter WNY) new food economy一initiatives that fight the conventional food system currently under-serving communities of color. There are approximately 170 members in the BFEN. A subset of BFEN members – made up primarily of Black women, parents, and youth development professionals – have identified the need for community involvement and interventions in the meal program of the Buffalo Public Schools. Through the development of a farm-to-school work group within the network, the BFEN positions itself to employ methods of self-determination as the basis of its operations.

Read the rest at New Economy Coalition

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