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ZEGG-Forum USA Tour 2015 “Deepening Community – Deepening Love”

ZEGG-Forum is a creative and deep communication process, a powerful tool for transformation. It goes beyond mediation and personal growth work on a one to one basis – it creates openness and trust in groups. With its gentle focus on empathic sharing, radical feedback and clarifying unsolved situations ZEGG-Forum is an invaluable catalyst for one’s own growth and for deep community building.

ZEGG-Forum was developed as a communication tool to create transparency and trust – and is a space for the community to come together. It is a personal process in a social context.

You can read a description on GEO of how it works here, which has been one of our more popular articles. Almost as popular is Ina and Achim’s explanation of how the relevance of the Johari Window to the ZEGG-Forum.

Here is the schedule of their October tour:

Oct. 1st: Santa Cruz: evening Presentation of ZEGG community;
"Imagine Love, Eros & Ecology Thriving" - facts, slides and experiential appetizers : on donation

Oct. 2-3: Santa Cruz introductory workshop on ZEGG-Forum.

"Liberated Love & Eros ZEGG Forum Workshop"
An intensive 2 day non-residential workshop on ZEGG-Forum & community building with an emphasis on the foundational issues of Love and Eros. In this experiential workshop we will spend some time learning how ZEGG forum is done; then we will dive in, deep. Experience the magic of a group of individuals merging into a short-term community, building trust with every person who shares their inner values and dares to be seen. All levels of experience welcome. This event can serve as the prerequisite for the Berkeley Oct 4th Advanced ZEGG Forum workshop. (see below)
*** 10:00 AM-6:00 PM, both days *** $260

See the rest of the schedule of events (in Berkeley, Boulder and NYC) on the ZEGG Forum website


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