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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

WSF 2016 invites you to participate in the Forum!

Everywhere, the experiences for an economy based on solidarity are growing: the World Social Forum that will take place in Montreal from August 9-14, 2016, will be an excellent opportunity to promote the other economies! The Committee for Alternative, Social and Solidarity Economies-WSF2016 aims to bring together people and groups involved in various movements to co-organize activities and have a strong and visible presence during the WSF 2016. Moreover, the Forum will provide a space for progressing in the construction of these economies.
Social Solidarity Economy, collaborative and sharing economy, circular economy, fair trade and socially responsible consumption, defense and promotion of the commons, degrowth and buen vivir, local and complementary currencies, teaching plural economies, social entrepreneurship – the proposals are numerous and we have much to learn from the experiences in different regions to strengthen our movements.

Are you planning to attend the Montreal WSF? You’d like to share with us your ideas for activities, workshops or assemblies? We invite you to contact us (writing to to share your ideas, express your interest in receiving the updates of the committee’s activities or for any question. You can also join our Facebook group.

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See our report from the preparatory Thematic World Social Forum held this January in Brazil


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