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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Working World is Hiring

We're looking for three new hires: two loan officers and one administrative coordinator.

The Working World is a non-profit offering a new way for people to take control of their economic lives and change the heart of the working equation. We turn the financial system on its head and offer socially conscious investment to businesses and factories owned and operated democratically by workers themselves. It's an idealistic vision, but it's not just an idea-- we've been doing it for ten years in Argentina, Nicaragua, and now, the United States.  We have lent over $4 million to over 200 worker cooperatives, and over 98% of these investments have paid themselves off, resulting in growing businesses, new jobs, and more workers in positions of ownership.  Our goals are idealistic, and our methods are practical-- we work for concrete results.  Our aim is to see how far we can go: How many workers can be brought into positions of power in the system of production; how much finance can be given that empowers people rather than drowning them in debt; and how much can we challenge a global economy that puts profit before people.

We are currently hiring for three new positions:

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