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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Wild plant harvesters gain insights from a successful cooperative model in Viet Nam

To gain insights on how successful and sustainable cooperatives operate, 16 participants from collector organisations and six Forest Protection Department (FPD) staff went on a visit to the company Sapa Napro in the Lao Cai Province in December.

Founded in 2006 by Mr. Ly Lao Lo, an ethnic Dao of Lao Cai Province, Sapa Napro processes and trades local cultivated MAPs to generate income for the cooperatives who work within the company. Locals of the province can become cooperative members by contributing money or resources. The revenue is then divided into three channels: 40-50 percent goes to reinvestment, 40-45 percent is distributed to cooperative members, and 10-15 percent is allotted to a community fund. This successful model is improving the livelihoods of cooperative members in Lao Cai province and promoting benefit-sharing mechanisms within their communities. Through their operations, they contribute to local economic growth and the conservation of provincial resources.

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