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Webinar: Sociocracy in Schools

The future needs people who are agile and resilient ~ who lean into complexity with curiosity, confidence and collaborative skills.

There is a shift happening in our globally interconnected world. People are recognizing the need for more peaceful, inclusive, and participatory practices within our organizations. Many pioneering educators recognize the need to incorporate these practices into our school systems, and they are longing to connect with like-minded people and learn more about different frameworks that may help guide their efforts.

"Sociocracy in Schools" is a webinar where pioneering practitioners in education may connect with other changemakers while learning more about Sociocracy in schools. Sociocracy is a framework that allows people to experiment with more harmonious, inclusive, and effective ways of working together. Wondering School is an independent research project that is currently making a documentary to explore schools that incorporate Sociocratic practices between adults and students.

Read more and register for the webinar on Eventbrite


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