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Towards a Cooperative Renaissance: Reflections on #PlatformCoop 2015

When I arrived in the main auditorium the first day, it was packed, clearly beyond the organizers’ wildest expectations for attendance, and the sense of urgent expectation in the room was palpable. We’d clearly been itching to have this conversation for some time, and were excited to dig in and build the connections and momentum to take the project to the next level. Following an excellent talk from Scholtz framing the issue, we broke out for sessions on such topics as “Making it Work,” “Platform Society,” “Co-op Law,” and a number of others. All of the sessions were packed; every seat was taken, people were sitting in the aisles, standing in the back of the room, and overflow rooms with video feeds had to be set up. The presenters were sharp, and the Q&A sessions often went beyond simple questions of practicality and implementation into the deeper, philosophical issues around strategy, means and ends, and the characters of both the world being created by the extractive platforms and the alternative world promised by the platform co-op model.

The breakout sessions concluded around dinner time, but, instead of saying uncle to grab food, in a testament to the sense of urgency in present in the group, the vast majority filed back into the main auditorium to hear presentations about existing platform co-op projects until close to 9pm.

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