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TESA is hiring a Communications Specialist

TESA is looking to add a Communications Specialist to our collective. While we’ve outlined several responsibilities for this position below, we are looking for a creative individual who can bring new, exciting ideas to our collective. The existing responsibilities are:

Social media, newsletter, and digital outreach: TESA has a significant social media and online presence that we’d like to expand. We’re always looking to engage our communities and allies – whether it’s to share news, update people about our work, get their involvement in the creation of our resources (see here for example), and more.

Article and blog writing: One of TESA’s significant communications strategies is writing for media outlets and regularly updating our own blog. You can read a sample article here and check out our blog here. We’re looking for someone who can help us expand upon this strategy and who is interested in writing as well.

Read the full job description and apply at Toolbox for Education and Social Action


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