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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Support ROOTS Co-op: Community Housing for St. Louis Activists

Roots Coop provides housing and common ownership opportunities for activists from several affinity groups in St. Louis, MO. Members of the household have organized numerous actions protesting state violence from Requiem for Mike Brown to Occupy SLU to #ReclaimHolyWeek.

Our mission is to manifest Black and Brown self-determination through common ownership, community collaboration, and radicalized solidarity.


Instead of Roots CoOp residents paying rent in different places we are collectively paying off the mortgage in a five bedroom house in North St. Louis. Residents have already put down $5000 and now need to put another $5000 down on January 15, 2016. The mortgage which is expected to be paid off in two years will also lay the foundation for implementing self-sustainable programs for Black and Brown power and self-determination.

After the mortgage is paid, Roots CoOp residents who will own the property collectively, will each continue to pay at least $200 monthly. These monies will be used to fund maintenance, programming and micro-financing for other projects.

In order for this endeavor to be truly successful we are asking for your help.

Currently, we are trying to raise $6,000 which will be used for the $5000 balloon payment and seed money for maintenance and community program funding, including a liberation garden.

We are committed to grassroots organizing from within Black and Brown marginalized communities. As a housing cooperative for Black and Brown activists, we seek to be a hub for activists from different affinity groups. We are proud to host activists from grassroots Black and Brown liberation groups such as Tribe X, Artivists STL, and #ResistanceTheology!

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