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Boston TechCollective is a worker-owned cooperative offering tech support and computer services to the Greater Boston area.

We first formed as a worker cooperative in late 2012, based on a singular, powerful idea: that technical support folks should be the ones in charge of a technical support enterprise! This idea was not original, of course - our genesis goes back to our founding cooperative - TechCollective, a worker-run IT firm in San Francisco, CA.


Our shop tech is overwhelmed with work, so the business techs are forced to come in and assist on a regular basis. This makes pursuing lucrative business contracts difficult, and is time inefficient.

We would like to hire a part time person to work in our shop to assist the shop manager - we expect to pay this person $12/hr, and have them working 4 hours a day, five days a week (or around $1000 a month with taxes and benefits). It will likely take a full month before the person hired is ready to work independently, let alone able to make back what they cost.

See the full proposal and make a microloan to the Boston Tech Collective on Kiva Zip


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