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Some news about the (Co-operative) News

As a journalist I naturally want to see a thriving press. As someone with a strong interest in the co-operative sector, I want to see Co-operative News do well. It has after all been serving the movement since September 2nd 1871.

It’s of some concern, therefore, that Co-operative Press (the co-operative society which publishes Co-operative News) reported a £67,000 loss for the last financial year. Those of us at the society’s AGM on Friday heard that, as a consequence, the budget had been revised and the News’ strategy tweaked.  Editor Anthony Murray suggested that the magazine could soon be published monthly rather than fortnightly, with a shift towards the News’ website and digital offer.

A change in the Co-operative Press’s membership structure was also agreed on Friday, so that in future all subscribers to the News will automatically become members of the co-op. This makes eminent sense, and should help to build a wider, and perhaps more committed, membership base. The News needs all the friends it can find.

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