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Seven Ways In Which Cooperatives Can Win Trust of the People

At a time when there is trust-deficit in all walks of life, cooperatives are the organizations which have trust as their prime component. The principles and values of cooperatives generate trust. People tend to trust cooperatives because they feel that cooperatives are democratic organizations which ensure autonomy. Because of their strong roots in the community, the people trust cooperatives. As cooperatives are not external organizations imposed from above, people feel that cooperatives are people’s organizations, so the trust element is more here. Cooperatives provide ample opportunities for participation and leadership development. People’s aspirations for growth are met in a cooperative, so all this creates a climate of trust.

It is paradoxical that cooperatives whose foundation is built upon trust have to struggle to win the trust of the people in many countries of the world. Despite immense contribution of cooperatives in all fields of socio-economic activities, the people’s perception of cooperatives is clouded by doubt and uncertainty. No doubt, the cooperatives are grappling with the problem of image-building. Due to weak communication strategies, there appears to be a big dis-connect between the people and the cooperatives, due to which the cooperatives are losing the trust of the people. Here are the seven ways in which cooperatives can win the trust of the people;

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