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Rojava’s Economics and the Future of the Revolution

Rojava’s economy has been much discussed. Rojava has been lauded by leftists all around the world to be some kind of communal, confederal socialist utopia unparalleled by anything else existing around the world right now, so the question of how the economy in such a mystical place might be organized seems to be an important one, and it already has been the source of much controversy, both in and outside Rojava.

First however a bit of definition. Rojava means “West” in Kurdish and stands short for Western Kurdistan, a denomination for the Kurdish territories within the borders of Syria. The question of what territory is and isn’t Rojava has been debated both among different Kurdish political factions as well as among Kurds and other peoples inhabiting the region. Relevant to this article however are the regions that at any given time were part of the Xweseriya Demokratîk (Democratic Autonomy) self-administration, and later the North Syrian Federation, which is the current political framework of the social revolution in Rojava and northern Syria.

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