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Residents Buy Trailer Park to Improve Conditions

The trailer park, originally constructed in 1962 by Boeing employees installing Minuteman missile systems for the U.S. Air Force, is located on Lower River Road. High levels of arsenic were detected in the water in 2012.

In the fall of 2009, residents, fed up with the lack of investment in basic infrastructure, formed a not-for-profit cooperative with the assistance of NeighborWorks Montana, whose mission is creating affordable housing.

NeighborWorks put residents in touch with ROC USA, which stands for "resident owned communities." The organization offers financing for cooperatives that form in mobile or manufactured home communities. Trailer Terrace took out a loan from ROC to purchase the trailer park.


Trailer Terrace is the latest trailer park in Montana to form a cooperative in order to improve living conditions. Others have been created in Red Lodge, Kalispell, and at Missouri Meadows, another mobile home park in Great Falls.


Residents have also formed a water and sewer district, which has applied for and received $2.8 million from state and federal agencies to construct new water and sewer treatment systems. Work will begin when the weather warms up, Feist said.

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