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A request from Neal Gorenflo, Shareable founder

Dear GEO Reader,

I’m Neal Gorenflo, a founder of Shareable. Have you heard about us? We’re an online magazine about sharing. It covers all kinds of sharing solutions for making life more fun, green, and affordable, such as car sharing and coworking, clothing swaps, worker and consumer co-ops, open source and urban design.

This past fall Shareable held a board retreat. We affirmed our mission as a nonprofit to turbocharge the sharing movement, and narrowed in on a few priorities to do just that.

One stood out in its simplicity and impact: empower our existing readers to share Shareable's content with friends and family. And believe it or not, e-mail is still one of the best ways to spread an important cause (even in the era of Facebook).

So Shareable is making a simple request: check out subscribing to our email newsletter. We send out a selection of our most popular articles once a week, and you can subscribe here:

This would help the sharing cause more than you know, and it will only take a few seconds.

A special favor: if you test our email newsletter out and like it, would you forward the e-mail below to friends and ask them to join you on Shareable's e-mail list?

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Thank you for your attention and continue your support for GEO.


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