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Report highlights innovative ways of raising capital in co-operatives

A new report commissioned by the International Co-operative Alliance examines all the debt and equity instruments used to finance the assets and operations of co-operatives.

Securing co-operative capital while guaranteeing member control is one of the five themes of the Alliance’s Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade

The report, authored by Michael Andrews, looks at capital in co-operatives around the world. It tries to explore how to access additional member capital or external capital while still adhering to co-operative principles.

The research also focused on the special circumstances that apply to smaller and start-up co-operatives, providing an overview of selected programmes and innovations internationally. The survey includes references to new and smaller co-operatives, as well as some of the global 300 and financial co-operatives.

Read the rest and download the full report from the International Cooperative Alliance


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