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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Scaling-Up the Cooperative Movement

January 8, 2014
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In this Theme, the GEO Collective and guest editors Thomas Hanna and Andrew McLeod seek to present a big-picture, systematic look at the present and future of the cooperative movement. The articles linked to below begin a conversation that, we hope, will help to better define some of the pressing questions and begin to offer ways to address them.

Cooperators confront the "System Problem": Editors' Introduction--Thomas M. Hanna and Andrew McLeod



Mondragón and the System Problem --Thomas M. Hanna and Gar Alperovitz

Cooperative Movement Should Engage Government Cautiously --Andrew McLeod

Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues --Thomas M. Hanna

Planning Must Be Centered in the Cooperative Movement --Andrew McLeod

Confronting the "System Problem" Cooperatively --Len Krimerman

Serving Life: A New Economy Vision for an Alternative Political-Economic System --Noel Ortega

Cooperative Enterprise and System Change --Joe Guinan

Scaling-Up Democracy Through Empowerment --Michael Johnson

Seizing the Moment: Catalyzing Big Growth for Worker Co-ops --Hilary Abell

Reflections on Moving Beyond Capitalism --Cliff DuRand

Structure vs. Culture: Why Not a "Stulture" That Combines Them? --Len Krimerman

Action Plan for a Co-op Nation --Tony Patterson

Mondragon and Fagor

Creating a Cooperative Culture: Lessons from Mondragon --Caitlin Quigley

Mondragon Feels Pain as It Cuts Off Fagor, One of Its Own --Miles Johnson

Major Mondragon Cooperative Faltering --GEO

When the Right Ones get it Wrong --Michael Peck

Concerns about "Scaling Up" --Marty Heyman

The Promise and Limitations of Worker Co-operatives --Gar Alperovitz, interviewed by Paul Jay of the Real News


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