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Queens Cleaning Ladies Form Worker Cooperative

They were tired of being taken to the cleaners by their bosses — so they’re taking out the trash on their own.

Pa’lante Green Cleaning, a 15-member Jackson Heights cleaning cooperative owned and operating by the cleaning ladies themselves, celebrated its grand opening Wednesday.

“Now that I’m part of this project, I’m very excited to be an owner as well as an employee,” said Claudia Leon, a 36-year-old Mexican immigrant who was earning just $20 a day as a waitress at a taqueria in Jackson Heights.

Pa’lante Green Cleaning will be among just 25 so-called worker cooperatives in the city and only the fourth employee-owned cleaning service, according to Make the Road New York, a nonprofit that collaborated with the workers over the course of two years to form the new company.

Read the full article at NY Daily News

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