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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Putting the Cooks In Charge of the Kitchen

We built Josephine to serve the cooks.

Josephine ​ economically empowers people who have been excluded from, or exploited by, the professional food industry. Our platform helps cooks make money by sharing home cooked food with their friends and communities. And bringing Josephine to the world can only be done with their help.

Staying accountable to our cooks simply isn’t possible if we (the Josephine founders and staff) operate without significant input from them. Cooks should help us assess trade-offs between certain business decisions. Cooks should help us determine our legislative goals. And early Josephine cooks (who are risking their time and livelihoods much the same as early employees), should share in the potential upside of making those decisions well. Meaningful input best follows from meaningful voice and ownership.

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