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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

A primer on the growing ecosystem supporting platform co-ops.

In the United Kingdom, the FairShares Association has been refining how democratic control can be balanced between founders, workers, investors, and users. Like B-Corps, FairShares projects involve a formal commitment to social, environmental, and financial impact auditing, but it also embeds the equitable sharing of power and wealth.  

The first Canadian platform co-operative to adopt the FairShares approach is Brave is a digital supervision platform where drug users can receive remote and anonymous support in real time to prevent accidental death from overdose. In the co-op tradition, they are stepping in to fill a need for stakeholders – addicts, their families, and health professionals – that otherwise would not be filled. For this award-winning start-up, the co-operative model was and is a means to co-create digital tools to combat the fentanyl crisis. In the experience of their CEO Gordon Casey, “Being a co-operative, our tech, design, focus, ownership, and direction are all determined by the community growing around us.”

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