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Platform Coop 2017: Technology Afterparty

After ideas emerge from on Nov. 10 & 11, let's turn tthe best ones into action.

CoLab Coop is excited to help convene an after-party for our fellow platform-coop obsessed tech developers and platform designers to come together and learn from one-another, connect, and co-create.

This event is co-sponsored by the Platform Cooperative Consortium. Want to co-co-sponsor? Email!

Technologists and designers who work on - or are interested in working on - platform cooperative projects.

We’ll meet in an open space format to discuss projects, share tools, and collaborate on building technological infrastructure for the platform co-op economy.

11am-12:30pm, we’ll get together for food and sharing of our experience developing coop tech platforms and sharing the technologies we are most excited about using to build the infrastructure for platform cooperativism.
1-4pm, we’ll use our open space to gather around shared interests and opportunities! Be ready to dream big with others, and to get real about the first steps we can take, together.

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