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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Philanthropic Complex

With our session on the Non-Profit Industrial Complex coming up, this essay was especially refreshing. A member of the non-profit industrial complex talks candidly and cuttingly about the philanthropic foundations, particularly those on "the left".

While there is much to critique on the side of the non-profit institutions that pursue various ends, the philanthropies that fund them rarely get as much focus. The recent book, "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Neyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex", touches on many of the points made in the essay but not as clearly or directly. Curtis Wright talks about many issues. We are left wondering whether perpetuation of private pools of "do-good" wealth is in the social interests or whether this is not just one more wealth-protection loophole that should be closed or refactored as we move forward.

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