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Pedal People Co-op teaches Driving Students About Sharing the Road

Look at a picture of New York City in the 1800s and see the streets filled with people, carts and animals doing a dozen different things and moving in many different ways.

"Today, most of us just see roads just as a way for motor vehicles to get from here to there as smoothly as possible," says Ruthy M. Woodring, a worker-owner of Pedal People Cooperative. "So, when we talk with [driver's education] students about how we look at the space we call roads and how that affects what it means to 'share the road,' students seem to cogitate on that."

Woodring doesn't want any cyclist to be run over by a motorist. "And, I don't want to see any motorist have the emotional anguish of having killed someone. It's important to start good habits and attitudes early," she adds.

To that end, Pedal People offers classes on vehicle-bicycle safety to students in driver education programs.

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