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Owning Your Grocery Store: Community-Funded Food Co-op Opens in Portland ME

PORTLAND, Maine - A new grocery store opened in Portland Wednesday morning. It's not another chain store, but instead a community-owned model that's seen growth in other parts of the state in recent years. 

"One of the things about a co-operative is it is truly a community-owned market," says Kevin Gadsby. Gadsby is manager of the Portland Food Co-op, which started out as a local food-buyers club and is now a full-service market with 20 employees focusing on locally-produced products.

It's also owned by the local community - or, more precisely, by the 2,300-plus members who each invested $100 in the co-op. That gives them a voice in the business's direction, as well as a cash rebate when the co-op makes surplus income.

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