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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Oakland council votes to support worker co-ops

The council also adopted a resolution in support of the development of worker cooperatives in Oakland. The city’s Business Assistance Center will now promote cooperatives as a model and provide information to the community about how to start a cooperative.

Adrionna Fike Mandela, owner of the Mandela Foods Cooperative, was one of the many co-op owners and workers present in support of the resolution. Mandela said cooperatives create dignity in the workplace and offer cheap, high quality products. For example, she said, there has been an increase in low-income people frequenting her store instead of 99 Cents Only Stores. “They love how it feels to be” in Mandela Foods, she said.

“We’re creating an environment with our community that feels more beautiful to work with everyday,” she continued.

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