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Not a Co-op? Not a Platform Co-op!

Last month Shareable wrote a great article entitled “11 Platform Cooperatives Creating a Real Sharing Economy“. It’s a really nice list of projects who are all moving in the right direction (i.e. toward greater sharing of ownership and control), but some of them aren’t actually co-operatives.

This got me thinking:

Should organisations that are not co-operatives be described as Platform Co-operatives?

I thought not and so I commented on the article (and then posted something similar on facebook too):

This is a nice list of projects moving in the right direction, but many of them are not co-operatives and therefore imho by definition cannot and should not be described as Platform Co-ops.

I knew for sure that Peerby and Juno weren’t co-ops, but at the time I didn’t actually know about the structures of many of the others on the list so I did a bit of research and discovered that the 11 ‘Platform Co-ops’ profiled in the Shareable’s article includes…

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