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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The No State Solution: Institutionalizing Libertarian Socialism in Kurdistan

With Democratic Autonomy, youth councils, both under-18 and over-18, have emerged. Like the other councils, the youth councils have say and power in the carrying out of initiatives and projects, e.g., in the building and modifying of recreational sites and spaces. Besides this though, some of the most radical perspectives have, with clear articulation and vision, come from the Kurdish youth.

To TATORT Kurdistan one Kurdish youth...remarked, “We don't consider ourselves nationalists. We're socialist internationalists.” There was also the statement by the same Kurdish youth that:

At the moment we're moving into a new phase of the revolution through the construction of communes, collectives and cooperatives. Popular self-organization of the economy has the goal of laying the groundwork for comprehensive change in prevailing social relations... the movement is building village, youth and women's cooperatives... The different levels of self-management let us enter into the process of organizing more easily.

There are varying results with the federating of cooperatives and communes. According to a member of a women's cooperative in Baglar, anarchists in twenty-two communes in Gewer have gone as far as to abolish money as a means of exchange.

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