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The New Rule of Three in Cuban Cooperatives

Until December 31st 2017, I was a cooperative member, and a member of the SCENIUS accounting and finances cooperative’s board of directors. The experience I gained in this position allows me to put in my two cents about some of the government’s new policies that will change key aspects of the so-called “experiment”. 

At the most recent session of the National Assembly of People’s Power, Marino Murillo Jorge, Head of the Permanent Commission for the Implementation and Development of the Communist Party Policy Guidelines, told lawmakers:

“The most important thing for non-agricultural cooperatives is that one principal of the cooperative movement is changed, namely that they must act locally to promote local development, paying taxes towards national development but from a local level, and they will only be able to operate within their province, they won’t be able to operate outside of the province where they have their legal residence.

“Minimum and maximum incomes between those who earn the least and those who earn the most within the cooperative will be regulated. Pay attention, we aren’t regulating incomes, because cooperatives pay in advance and then distribute profits. If a cooperative has a large revenue and can distribute a level of high income, it won’t be limited, but what we are saying is that there can only be a three-fold difference between the person who earns the least and the most in that cooperative.”

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