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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

New Report Explores Unifying the New Economy Movement

The new economy has several different names including the sharing economy, the solidarity economy, community resilience, transition, the oppositional economy, and more. At its core, however, is an awareness that the existing economy, which thrives on maximizing growth and profits at all expense, has failed us.

Although various organizations and movements work on different facets of social change and have different beliefs and methods, there’s a lot of common ground including a desire for a healthy environment, thriving communities, equitable distribution of wealth, sustainable lifestyles, and strong democracies. There’s a largely unacknowledged shared vision among groups, but there’s not yet an overarching movement that unifies them all into a cohesive group. The Community Resilience and New Economy Movement (CRNE) aims to change that, at least in North America.

For the report “Weaving the Community Resilience and New Economy Movement: Voices and Reflections from the Field,” presented by the Post Carbon Institute, CRNE researchers interviewed dozens of leaders within the new economy, environmental, social justice, labor, democracy and indigenous rights movements to find the places that they interconnect.

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