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New Magazine About Platform Cooperativism

The people behind Coops Vidriana wrote to us to let us know about their new gorgeous-looking magazine on Platform Cooperativism. It’s bilingual (German/English) and features a bunch of new articles and some drop-dead stunning design. Jana Pirlein has been kind enough to pen the following intro for the P2PF blog.

Jana Pirlein: We, a group of German university students, have just published a magazine about platform cooperativism where we discuss platform-based cooperatives as a kind of counter-movement to the increasingly widespread platform capitalism. In short: An update of the “sharing economy”.

In addition to theoretical discussions, we want to point out the very practical relevance of the topic and encourage readers to think about their own consumption behavior, as well.

The magazine is for all age groups, but especially aimed at people new to the scene. It is written bilingually in German and English and available for free through Creative Commons! Our aim is and has been to present the values, practices and protagonists behind the social movement that is currently forming around the topic of cooperativism.

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