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New book traces the history of the Singaporean co-op movement

The Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) has published a book to mark the 90th anniversary of the country’s co-operative movement.

More than 500 co-operators attended the launch of The Singapore Co-operative Story (1925-2015) on 26 September, which also featured a travelling exhibition showcasing the contributions of Singaporean co-operatives, which will tour libraries and schools.

Singapore is home to 82 co-ops, and a third of residents are members of a co-operative. The country’s co-op movement began almost a century ago, when the island was still a British colony, with credit co-operatives formed to provide affordable financial services. The Singapore Government Staff Credit Cooperative, set up in 1925, continues to offer services to all staff in civil service, statutory boards and government linked companies, with a total of 7,000 members.

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