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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Moving Beyond Capitalism


“Moving Beyond Capitalism” Conference

July 29 - August 5, 2014

Center for Global Justice, San Miguel de Allende, México


-What can we do now to get from here to there?

-How do we bring capital under democratic control?

-Which changes are co-optable, which transformatory?

-Where is the “other world” that we think possible being constructed?

-What are the openings for and the obstacles to its development?


Capitalism is in crisis. Yet, backed by arms, it dominates and threatens our species and our planet.

Survival now means putting humanity before profit. What practices unite us across gender, race, class, and cultural differences to empower the many instead of enriching the few? To answer, the Center for Global Justice invites thinkers and doers from the global South and global North to bi-lingual discussions of the practical global task of “moving beyond capitalism.”

We invite you to complement prophesy and hope by addressing problems of transformation.

Individual/group submission summaries due Dec. 31, 2013; full descriptions (or papers): April 30, 2014.

Contributions include: improving existing proposals, adding new ones, sharing organizing results, sketching global transformation, etc. We meet in colonial San Miguel Allende, in central México.


Themes: the commons, 21st cent. socialism, cooperatives, solidarity economy, autonomous communities in struggle, ecological-social sustainability, steady-state economics, economic democracy, public banking & democratic finance, gender equality & sexual democracy, localization, alternative communications & media, indigenous struggles, participatory budgeting. Suggestions welcome.

Featured speakers: Gustavo Esteva (de-professionalized intellectual), Gar Alperovitz (What Then Must  We Do?), David Schweickart (After Capitalism), Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese (activists), Fernando Sánchez Cuadros (economist), Camila Piñeiro Harnecker (Cuban economist & co-op advocate), & more.

Work: Jointly evaluate current movement-backed options; discuss themed submissions; & develop “suggestions for further study & organizing.” Screenings, performances, & exhibits welcome. Visit local groups building “another world.” We urge 6-day participation. To “digest” the encounter we offer 2 days in the thermal waters of the “cooperativa ejidal,” Las Grutas de Tolantongo in Hidalgo state.

Details: Bus via Querétaro; fly to Mexico City (MEX) or Leon (BJX); sliding scale fee; partial travel scholarships; discount hotel or free home stays; videos/books of results; simultaneous interpreting.

Since 2004, the Center for Global Justice ( has been a global open membership group dedicated to “research & learning for a better world” and North-South solidarity. Offerings: tours, lectures, solidarity economy networking, co-op workshops


Help shape MBC: send summaries, ideas, & queries to:

Mexico ph: (52) 415 150 0025, VOIP 347 983 5084. Please post & forward!


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