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Milk Not Jails: Past + Present = Future

Saquana began working at Milk Not Jails last winter as a Sales Associate. Part of her job includes taking orders from clients and preparing the invoices and schedules for Stephen, our driver, to make deliveries.  She was pleased to recognize the names of some of our clients, like Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger, when she first joined Milk Not Jails.

“Oh I know them. I used to go there right after my baby father got deported and I was in the shelter.” While Saquana’s terrain is typically found inside the Milk Not Jails office, one day this Spring, Stephen need some help with deliveries and she was happy to join him on his route. When they stopped to make a delivery at the Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger, she stepped down from the truck to  give an  invoice to the Pantry Coordinator.  The two women  locked eyes and paused.

“I remember you,” said Ms. Dawson. Some people might have pretended they had no recollection of that hard time in their lives, but Saquana has no problem talking about the past. She’s been the victim of so many failed social service and criminal justice programs that there’s no shame in it.

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