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Membership Declines at 54% of CUs

Compared to the second quarter of 2013, membership declined at 54% of the nation’s credit unions in the second quarter of this year, according to the NCUA.

The median membership growth rate was the same as the previous year at -0.4%, the NCUA’s analysis of state-level data revealed.

In total, the agency said 25 states experienced negative membership growth.


Aggregate annualized return on average assets decreased to 81 basis points in the first half of 2014 from 84 in the prior year, according to the NCUA.

“Aggregate return on average assets was positive in every state, with Utah having the highest (136 basis points), followed by Iowa and North Dakota (106 basis points). New Jersey and Connecticut (both 26 basis points) posted the lowest return on average assets,” the NCUA said.

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