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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Meerkat Media's Alternative and Sustainable Business Model

We live in an age of the individual. Success is measured by “bling”, selfish ambition and greed, while failure is forever personal and never systemic. In this era of zero accountability: when Wall Street bankers can swindle millions of people out of their lives’ savings and get off scot free, when politicians answer only to multi national corporations, and when casualties of war take on the form of “collateral damage” on Excel spreadsheets, we the people are divided and in a panic to survive.

But not all hope is lost. New social movements are responding to these crises. Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Democracy Spring and others are organizing and taking to the streets. The millions who have been energized by the Bernie Sanders campaign are looking for political homes to serve as an outlet for their systemic critiques and enthusiasm for change.

Within this climate, growing numbers of people are exploring ways to transform the conventional hierarchical organization within the workplace to a more equitable structure. After all, we spend most of our day on the job, and if our work environment is not democratic how can we claim to be living in a democracy?

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