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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

MA Worker Co-Op & Solidarity Economy Convening

A statewide convening focusing on the advancement of a worker ownership movement as well as the broader solidarity economy in Massachusetts.

Event website with more information can be found here:

Day 1: Worker Ownership Movement Convening

March 16th (Day 1) invites worker co-ops and developers, grassroots organizations and labor unions, and funders and investors to help launch a new statewide collaborative to advance a worker ownership movement in Massachusetts. We propose the formation of a multi-stakeholder “table” to build coordinated state and municipal organizing strategies, broaden shared communications efforts, and support key programs within our statewide co-op ecosystem.

Day 1 invites organizations that are specifically working to build power in low-income/working class POC communities and/or are a part of the worker co-op sector.

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