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Local Kangemi-Pesa Currency Launched in Kenya

Overcoming many obstacles in a shaken Kenya, we had an amazing launch today of the third community currency in Kenya! Kangemi-Pesa is also tradeable with Gatina-Pesa their neighboring community, who came out in force to support the program along with the area chief. These two community currencies are the beginning of a grassroots economic network of decentralize monetary systems.

You can find more photos of the day here. The event was honored with students and teachers from 8 different schools in the area that will be accepting Kangemi-Pesa for school fees - helping to raise the salaries of local teachers by allowing parents to pay with their goods and services.

We are also on track to launch Lindi-Pesa in Kibera, and two more currencies in Mombasa this year! These programs would not be possible without Nyendo a German organization that works with local schools, LUSH who have helped sponsor our Nairobi programs and DOEN who are helping with our Mombasa programs. Chiemgauer and Regios from Germany also kindly helped with printing of the Kangemi-Pesa.

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