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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Is the Local Economy Too Local? Why Co-Ops and Credit Unions Need a Broader Strategy

This is a story about the revolutionaries next door. If you live in a place hard hit by recent economic decline, chances are you’ve got a few on your block. Don’t worry: You’re not going to catch these revolutionaries hatching a plot to topple the government or skulking around a factory to foment worker insurrection. You’re more likely to find them cultivating a plot in a new community garden or transforming an abandoned plant into a worker-owned and -directed business.

In short, they’re hardly Bolsheviks. But they are revolutionaries nonetheless, because at the core of their DIY innovations is the DNA of a socioeconomic system fundamentally distinct from the corporate capitalist system that dominates our world. If they succeed and their alternatives work where the old model no longer does, they’ll have accomplished what the Bolsheviks so miserably failed—the creation of a democratic, equitable, and sustainable world beyond capitalism.

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