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Legal Basics for Complementary Currencies

The global movement for more democratic forms of exchange is taking off, from Greece to Kenya to San Francisco! Join Janelle Orsi and the SELC Community Currencies team on August 6th at 11:00am PST for a live online chat on the legal basics for complementary currency projects.

On August 6th, we'll discuss essential legal and policy questions such as:

  • What laws might prevent the creation of complementary currencies, and how might we change these laws?
  • When there are legal grey areas in determining what is a currency, how can we hone our arguments and also advocate for greater legal clarity?
  • Under what circumstances can employees be compensated with complementary currencies?
  • What is the potential for cities and states to create currencies, and how does the U.S. Constitution create constraints on this?
  • What laws apply to and put constraints on the organizations that administer community currencies? 

We'll also discuss emerging regulatory issues for complementary currencies, such as the Bank Secrecy Act, state money transmission laws, and other financial and consumer protection laws that might apply. 

Please note the unique structure of this two-part event:

1. RSVP here!

2. Then watch this video - Part 1: Legal Basics for Complementary Currencies (Part 2 will be released on Monday, August 4th). Watch both videos on your own time, prior to the August 6th Live Chat session!

3. In order to join us for the August 6th Live Chat session at 11:00 am P.S.T., you MUST register for the 8/6 GoToWebinar Live Chat session here.

4. Finally, on August 6th at 11:00 am P.S.T., join us on GoToWebinar for the one-hour online chat session! This is your chance to pose your legal questions directly to Janelle Orsi - one of the country's foremost legal experts on local currencies - and SELC's Community Currencies Program team! Don't forget, you must register for the GoToWebinar Live Chat session in order to join us live.

If you missed our earlier live chat and video on Legal Basics for Time Banks and Barter Exchanges...


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