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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Language of a Solidarity Economy

In advancing a solidarity economy here in the borderlands, the language used continues to be an issue of much thought and discussion. In building an inclusive, democratically-based, economic network that promotes equality and justice, what words should be used? (I hope you appreciate how much care I put into the words chosen for that sentence!)

Why is it that language has so much power?

Language closes off possibilities. And opens new possibilities.

Much of our “reality” is socially constructed. That is sociology’s fancy way of saying language shapes our “reality.” Language concretizes our ideologies, beliefs, and values. I intentionally place “reality” in quotes because through this theoretical lens, what constitutes “reality” is contested. But this "reality" has real, material consequences. For example, race is a social construct - but the consequences of this social construct are all too real.

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